Lisbon, 13/12/2020

According to a recent press release, the European Commission is working to “identify possible legal, operational, and technical solutions for lawful access, and promote an approach which both maintain the effectiveness of encryption in protecting privacy and security of communications, while providing an effective response to crime and terrorism.”

This is very disturbing. Although the declaration also mentions the need to defend the rights of individuals and organisations of using secure communications, almost all experts believe that there is no way to limit the use of end-to-end encryption without introducing mechanisms equivalent to backdoors with universal access by the police, which, even with a judicial mandate, would end up falling into the wrong hands, being abused and permanently weakening the use of secure communications.

This would have dramatic consequences on businesses and citizens and would fuel an unprecedented attack on individual guarantees in the EU for all those who depend on cryptography to continue their missions such as those conducting critical business and government activities, journalists, social activists, people persecuted for their ideas, etc.

The board of the Portuguese Chapter of the Internet Society