The ISOC Portugal ANRW Prize Initiative

ISOC.PT ANRW 2020 Workshop and Prize Delivery Session:
11/Noveber/2020: Venue and Program

ANRW 2020 Nominations:
Best Paper Awards and Mentions


The Annual ISOC.PT ANRW Prize is an initiative of the Portuguese Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC.PT) that aims to promote applied research in computer networks and Internet in Portugal. The initiative will acknowledge in each year distinguishing applied research work carried out in Portugal by members of the R&D community, from Portuguese Universities, Research Centres or Industrial R&D Labs. The selected contributions should have an international level and an acknowledge potential to contribute to IETF / IRTF activities, e.g., for potential incorporation into IETF drafts or RFCs, or as relevant recognised contributions from the Portuguese R&D community, in the field.

The ANRW Prize goals are closely aligned with those of the annual ACM/IRTF ANRW Applied Network Research Workshop.

The ISOC.PT prize consists of financial support for one person to attend the annual IETF session co-located with the International Applied Network Research Workshop. In addition, members of the award’s scientific committee will provide support for the nominated and awarded work to be disseminated and proposed as a possible invited talk or short paper accepted for presentation in the IRTF ANRW. The next ACM/IRTF ANRW (2020 edition) will take place in Madrid on 27/Jul/2020, co-located wit the IETF Meeting 108 (from 25 to 31 July 2020).

The award’s scientific committee, which aims to select the best proposals in submitted papers, is made up of a group of members from the academic community and researchers from the industry, as scientific community members with conducting work and contributions in applied research in networks and Internet, many of them long-time ISOC associated members. Members of the ISOC.PT organizing and program committees are also available to encourage and support the participation of contestants in the prize. 

The prize will be awarded at a public session. For this session, ISOC.PT will organize a workshop agenda with invited speakers and public presentation of talks by the authors of the nominated papers, including the awarded work.

The competing papers must have the format of a summary research statement, with 6 pages in the format of the ANRW’s short papers. Papers must be written in English, may include results already obtained, as well as envisaged future work directions , and may also include extracts and relevant results from previously published work.

The only compromise of the authors, if their submission is among the three best works, is to be available to present their work in a talk, in the public award session. Copyrights of proposed works belong to the authors, and the papers will not be published, so the authors are free to publish the related contributions later, in any conference venue, when and if they wish. The best work should lead to a talk or a short paper proposal to the International ACM/IRTF ANRW, on the same year.

ISOC.PT ANR 2020 Edition

Call for Submissions

Topics of Interest

The topics of interest for the ISOC.PT ANRW Prize are te same as defined for the International ACM/IRTF ANWR Workshop in the 2019 Edition and 2000 Editions:


Submission site (EasyChair): ISOC.PT ANRW 2020

Paper Format:
Short paper, written in English, 6 pages (1 or 2 columns).

  • Reference Templates:
    IEEE Templates for Conference Proceedings
    ACM SIGCOMM Papers Template
    Other ACM Publication Templates

  • Important Dates

    • Paper Submission Deadline:
      From 1/Mar/2020 to 31/Mar/2020 [Portuguese Time. Europe WEST AoE UTC+1] [CONCLUDED]

    • Review Period for Program Committee Decision:
      From 1/Abr/2020 to 15/Apr/2020 [CONCLUDED]

    • Author(s) Notification:
      After 17/Apr/2020 [CONCLUDED]

    • Announcement: Nomination for Prize:
      20/Apr/2020 [CONCLUDED]

    • Public Session and Award Ceremony:

    ISOC.PT ANR 2020 Committees

    Steering Committee

    The Steering Committee ensures the support for each annual edition of the ANRW and it is formed by two representatives of ISOC Europe, research members of ISOC Portugal, the board of ISOC Portugal or appointed representatives.

    • Frédéric Donck (Internet Society Europe chair)

    • Massimiliano Stuchi (Internet Society)

    • Alexandre Santos (Universidade do Minho, member of ISOC Portugal)

    • Edmundo Monteiro (Universidade de Coimbra, ISOC Portugal)

    • Henrique João Domingos (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, member of the ISOC PT Board)

    • José Legatheaux Martins (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Chair of the ISOC PT Board)

    • Julião Braga (member of the general assembly of ISOC Portugal)

    Organizing Committee

    • José Legatheaux Martins (Chair of the ISOC.PT Board, Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

    • Rogério Reis (Member of the ISOC.PT Board, Universidade do Porto)

    • Secretariat: Susana Pereira

    ANRW 2020 Co-Chairs

    • Rui Aguiar (Universidade de Aveiro)

    • Henrique João Domingos (ISOC.PT Board Member, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa)

    Scientific Program Committee

    • Alexandre Santos (Universidade do Minho)

    • Edmundo Monteiro (Universidade de Coimbra)

    • Fernando Ramos (Universidade de Lisboa)

    • Henrique João Domingos (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa)

    • José Alegria (Altice Portugal)

    • Nuno Cruz (Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa)

    • Nuno Santos (Universidade de Lisboa)

    • Ricardo Morla (Universidade do Porto)

    • Rui Aguiar (Universidade de Aveiro)

    • Rui Prior (Universidade do Porto)

    • Salvador Pinto Abreu (Universidade de Évora)

    • Susana Sargento (Universidade de Aveiro)

    • Teresa Vazão (Universidade de Lisboa)