Advanced Network Research Workshop and Prize 2021

ANRW Program
3/Dec/2021: 14h00-18h30

The ANRWP Initiative

The annual ISOC.PT ANRWP is an initiative of the Portuguese Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC.PT) that aims to promote applied research on Computer Networks and Internet Technology. The goal is to acknowledge in each year distinguishing applied research work carried out in Portugal by members of the R&D community, including Portuguese Universities, Research Centers, Industrial R&D Labs and Companies.

The ANRWP 2021 event is organized as a workshop and an AWARD ceremony. The workshop program is composed of invited talks and the presentation of the nominated papers among the submissions. The workshop is planned for remote participation (by videoconferencing) and physical participation (in the beatiful city of Oporto). The participation is free. The AWARD ceremony takes place at the end of the workshop. For details about the important DATES, workshop PROGRAM, VENUE and PARTICIPATION please see the information in Important Dates and Venue.

The compromise of the authors, if their submission is among the best selected contributions, is to be available to present their work in a talk in the workshop. Copyrights of proposed works belong to the authors, and the papers will not be published, not interfering with future venues and publications. Authors are free to publish the related or more extended related contributions later, in any venue, when and if they wish.

The Prize

ISOC-PT will award the best contribution from the submitted papers and presentations with a prize of 1000,00€ (One Thousand Euros).

ANRWP Committees

The ANRWP committees aim to select the best proposals from submitted papers for Workshop presentations, as well as, for nominations for the PRIZE. The program and scientific committees are made up of a group of members from the academic and research community, and persons involved in R&D activities in the field with recognized work and relevant contributions on diferent areas of the ANRW topics of interest. Many of those members are also long-time ISOC associated members, with relevant participation and activism in different ISOC.PT activities and initiatives.

ANRWP (2020 Edition)

The ANRWP 2021 is the second edition of the event.
The first edition was held in 2020.
The information about 2020 edition is available here.

The ISOC.PT ANRWP Committment

The ANRWP initiative is an activity of the Portuguese chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC) - The national community of ISOC.ORG. ISOC is a global nonprofit organization empowering people to keep the Internet a force for good: open, globally connected, secure and trustworthy. For us, the Internet must be a free place of possibilities and opportunities for everyone. ISOC.PT is committed in collaborations with volunteers and other portuguese national communities to innovate and to conduct different activities aligned with our Internet values, and its societal impact for a better world. We want to share our hopes and strengthen our bonds. The ISOC.PT ANRWP initiative is one of our contributions in the field targeting our National Research Community, Teams and Members.

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